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The studio has moved to Epping!

Stefani Ashmore 

Singing Voice Specialist

Looking to enquire about vocal lessons with an experienced and qualified teacher? Then look no further!

I am a practised vocal coach graduating with High Distinction from the Australian Institute of Music teaching a variety of musical styles including Contemporary, Jazz and Musical Theatre. Lessons in piano, harmony and aural skills are also available. Having completed the internationally respected Estill vocal training course I hold a deep understanding of the anatomy, physiology, and acoustics of voice production. 

With a focus on technique, vocal health and developing confidence, I will help you discover and unlock your voice and own unique style. Let’s have fun expanding your musical knowledge, practical experience and explore new and challenging repertoire!

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Vocal Lessons

Students will develop:


Pitch accuracy

Correct breath management

Proper posture and alignment

Engaging core and vocal support

Creating and placing resonance

Dynamic control

Creating colour and interest with tone and vocal onsets

Singing in harmony exploring improvisation.

What do lessons look like?

Lessons are tailored to the individual needs and goals of the student, however; within a 30 (and 60) minute period lessons are generally structured as follows:

Goal Discussion

5 Minutes: Discussing vocal goals, singing history and understanding vocal ability.

15 Minutes: Vocal warm ups and begin to learn appropriate vocal exercises for at home practice and ongoing development.

Warm ups and Exercises


10 Minutes: Students will sing a song of their choice or my choosing, which will work in partnership with vocal needs.

Why do you sing?

Reasons to get singing lessons:

  • You love singing and have always been interested in lessons

  • You want to jump in and get better at a skill

  • Develop vocal technique and understand vocal anatomy

  • Discover unique style and sound

  • Preparing for a recording

  • Starting a band

  • Exploring songwriting

  • Improve ear training and be able to identify and hear pitches better

  • Understand music theory, what it means and how it works

  • Create interesting arrangements and workshop repertoire

  • Tapping into creativity and unlocking artistic expression

  • Stage presence and live performance

  • Building confidence and overcoming performance anxieties

  • AMEB/HSC/Tertiary Assessment repertoire and performance prep

  • Self care, growth and personal development

  • Professional development

No matter what your reason is for getting singing lessons, we will work together and create a specific and individualised plan to help steer you towards your vocal goals.


I've loved having singing lessons with Stef - they're always engaging, rewarding and fun. I can see how far my voice has come in such a short space of time, improving my singing ability and my confidence a huge amount! She has an incredible understanding of singing and explains everything in a very clear and accessible way. 



The Team

Benefits of Music

Learning music is having a skill for life, studies* have shown that those who engage in music creation have a higher range of cognitive development, here's a closer look at the benefits gained from musical engagement at the studio and how they translate in life.

* (Butzlaff, 2000) (Thompson et al., 2006) (Wilson, Prior 2006)

Motor Skills


Music is like a brain workout! It strengthens spatial-temporal skills helping students solve multi-step problems in math, art, and more.

Enhanced Logic


Musical activities put sensory and motor skills to work in unique ways that stimulate neurological growth.


Composing, performing and enjoying music helps develop vocabulary and close gaps in language development.

Social Skills

Musical activities support the building of close relationships, collaborative endeavours bond people and foster connection.

Self Expression

Music engagement and play creates a space for students to celebrate their multi- faceted personalities and unique identities.





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2/19 Bridge Street, Epping

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